“I choose you to be my forever side kick”

A Stunning cliff Bali Proposal.

Edward told Livia that they are going to have photo shoot. When our team arrived to the hotel they stay, Livia’s not suspicious and She known our team will lead them to the photo shoot location. Meanwhile our team has been coordinated with Edward to shoot ‘behind the scene’ of the surprise proposal, as well as give Edward notice when He has to cover Livia’s eyes with handkerchief before arrive to the proposal area.

Together with Bali Proposal, Edward has been arranged a romantic surprise proposal set up on the cliff. We arrive there early in the morning to set up the decoration and take some preparation shoot. Despite the strong wind, all goes really well. Lucky enough on that day no rain, that’s what Edward keep on worry and struggle during discussion with us.

After all the preparation complete, Edward took Livia to the proposal spot and remove the blindfolds. Livia never expected that She going to be propose. She was Surprise and touched at the same time,

and of course “She said Yes!”


Romantic Bali Marriage Proposal Edward and Livia, captured by professional photographer and videographer in Bali. Danny Halim Productions