Romantic Beachside Proposal Photography in Bali // Willie & Heidi

“You are the happiness of my life, you are the smile of my lips”

Willie and Heidi travelled from South Africa to Bali. Willie want to arrange something special to propose Heidi during their trip in Bali. He contacted us Bali Proposal to arrange a sunset beachside surprise proposal. After long discussion we decided go with the venue in one of the private resort.

The Plan was Willie tell Heidi that he has booked dinner by the beach after meeting with his client. When they arrived to the resort, Willie excused himself from Heidi and his 2 friends to have meeting. Heidi and friends accompanied by the staff to enjoy the sightseeing in the resort before dinner. Our photographer also waiting in the lobby to shoot Heidi and her friends. We tell them that we want to shoot some of their activities for the marketing of the resort.
Willie go directly to the proposal venue to prepare the video. After everything has been ready, we informed the staff to lead Heidi to the proposal venue. Heidi was surprise, she asked to go to romantic dinner set up and play the video.

Willie hide and see her reaction from far aways. After the video has been finished Willie come up to Heidi and Propose her.

She said Yes!

Proposal Photographer Bali